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Link Building

Backlinks, link popularity, reciprocal & one way links

link building
Link Building is a technique where inbound links point to your website. As readers, users, potential customers link to your website, the importance of your online presence increases. In other words, you gain a lot through this type of link popularity. Such one-way building is quite tough though. The other technique is when links are exchanged by two webmasters. This method is known as reciprocal link building. Getting listed in directories, search engines, newsletters, or e-zines are important methods of this kind to built links.

Why Choose Us?

It is a dream for all businesses to make it big in the market. Today, with Internet use becoming just another household name, entrepreneurs are very keen to tap the online market as well. With thousands of websites coming up each week, the competition is extremely tough. Why would you sit back and bank on traditional marketing when online marketing can make wonders in the business. If your website ranks among the top ten, and supersedes your competitor, you’ve nothing to really feel worry about.

Link Building Services

We offer a comprehensive management to build link popularity for your website. Take a look at some of our services in the arena of link building and popularity.
  • Measuring each link as per its PageRank
  • Linking page is analyzed as per the number of inbound and outgoing links
  • Analyzing links as per their relevance to the website
  • Analyzing page relevance in the linking as per “Applied Semantics” methodology
  • Making anchor-text keyword-centric
  • Avoiding Dynamic link pages through careful monitoring
  • Avoiding Javascript oriented pages through a detailed analysis
  • Avoiding Redirected link pages, framed sites judiciously