e-commerce solutions

E-commerce Solutions

ecommerce development agency

Ecommerce services take care of all a business’s technological requirements. Dreamline Technologies, an ecommerce development agency, has a team of knowledgeable business consultants and skilled coders to assist our ecommerce clients with a variety of issues and business objectives.


E-Commerce Consulting Services

Technology and Market Entry Consulting
  • Directing you toward the best e-commerce platform.
  • Examining market potential, including target market and growth potential.
  • Researching the challenges of entering a market: rivals, rules of the game.
Business Optimization and Operational Consulting
  • Improving sluggish corporate processes.
  • Preparing a landscape for cross-system integration.
  • Putting in place a data management plan for the entire company.
  • To improve company KPIs, review your digital experience plan.

E-Commerce Development Services

Designing UX and UI
  • User stories, personalities, and interview study on the target audience.
  • Prototyping and Wireframing
  • Usability evaluation.
  • Creating a UI kit that reflects your brand’s individuality.
  • Web store setup
Webstore setup
  • Realizing all the pre-planned functional criteria.
  • Development on both the front end and back end.
  • Mobile development
Personalized E-Commerce Development
  • PWA and headless development
  • Personalisation powered by AI.
  • Powered Voice-driven business.
  • Augmented reality experience.
E-Commerce Integration
  • Customer service,
  • Content management,
  • Marketing automation,
  • Enterprise Resource Planning,
  • Product Information Management.

Support And Maintenance Services

E-Commerce Testing
  • Functionality of a website for various user situations.
  • Integrations of e-commerce solutions.
  • Factors relating to SEO.
  • Website functionality.
  • Security.
E-Commerce Review
  • Evaluating the digital experience and formulating a plan for a website overhaul.
  • Examining the code and determining how it affects how the website functions.
  • Security patch revisions and updates.
  • Full examination of the IT infrastructure

E-COMMERCE Growth and Optimization

Digital Marketing Automation
Using the right technologies for omnichannel marketing integration:
  • Email promotion.
  • Social media promotion.
  • Content promotion.
  • SEO Advertising.
Business Performance Optimization
  • Expanding methods for acquiring customers
  • Creating a business model that is multichannel.
  • Improving design and auditing the digital user experience.
  • Enhancing the experience at the register.
  • Increasing the capabilities of data analytics.

How We Develop Customer-Centric Online Business Strategies

Our ecommerce  development agency help you efficiently manage the whole client experience, from awareness to loyalty, going beyond a more limited definition of digital user experience on your website. We focus our marketing consulting efforts on the integration of appropriate solutions for well-organized multi-channel marketing, which is very beneficial.

Customer Acquisition
  • To sell to your customers whenever and wherever they find convenient, you use contextual commerce.
  • Both commercial and informational search queries generate organic traffic, which is continuously increasing.
  • At every touchpoint, your audience converts.
  • Social commerce helps you appeal to Generation Z and Millennials.
  • You promote impulsive purchases.
  • Your marketing and sales channels have a high return on investment.
Digital Customer Journey
  • You can quickly gain a customer’s trust and create a strong brand identity with an engaging UI design.
  • Due to the lower rate of impulsive abandonment, friction during digital travels is avoided.
  • Conversions at the checkout are up.
  • Your clients have numerous options for making purchases while on the fly.
  • Your revenue is largely derived from upsells and cross-sells that work well.
  • Your consumer relationships will go beyond simple purchases thanks to engagement marketing.
  • Your 24/7 customer service with several channels enables efficient case resolution.
Customer Order Fulfillment
  • Long-term operating cost savings come from automating supply, distribution, inventory, and order management procedures.
  • There are no delays in order delivery for your customers.
  • You can quickly identify stale products and avoid understocking with real-time inventory visibility.
  • You receive accurate demand projections from your analytics tools.
  • Personalized marketing campaigns result from complete visibility into your clients’ cross-channel purchasing patterns.
Customer Loyalty
  • You observe consumer behavior, uncover trends in behavior, and adjust your communication approach for various customer groups.
  • Your client interaction after the sale is successful.
  • Emails with customized product suggestions boost CTR and website conversions.
  • You evaluate prospective consequences of marketing efforts by making appropriate use of past data.
  • With digital marketing automation, your email campaign ROI is great.
  • Customer feedback is gathered in real time, and you can reply to it through a variety of methods (phone, emails, social media, product reviews on a website).