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WordPress is an open source blogging platform that uses PHP Coding. Due to the features and functionalities it offers, it is extremely well-liked among WordPress web developers and users. To offer efficient WordPress web development solutions, we at Dream Line Technology make the most of the WordPress programming tools. We are one of the best web design company in Canada.

Why we are best web design company in Canada?

Making a website is no longer seen as a difficult or intimidating procedure. And platforms like WordPress, which have made the development of websites as simple as browsing the internet, have been largely responsible for this status. WordPress is used to make about 27% of websites. At Dream Line Technology in Canada, we provide a number of website development and design services that are excellent for WordPress.

Web design is the following step after the first two, which are acquiring a domain name and locating a hosting company. Contrary to common belief, web design involves much more than just font size, colour, and layout. It revolves around CMS development, theme, and search engine optimization. Regardless of the size, demographics, or industry of the eCommerce company, Dream Line Technology offers a comprehensive solution. To learn why Dream Line Technology is among best web design company in Canada to design the  website for your business, scroll down and read the top five reasons.

Numerous Custom Plug-in Choices

Your website stands out from those of your rivals thanks to the plug-ins you select. For this very reason, WordPress is among the most widely used platforms for website construction. Depending on your preferences, it provides close to 52,000+ plug-in alternatives for you to select from.
However, it is also quite simple to become paralysed by the options. Therefore, a knowledgeable website developer like us would highlight the essential plug-ins for maximum functionality. This consists of plug-ins for email marketing, Google Analytics, SEO, customer contact forms, caching to speed up pages, general security, and more.

The Potential of Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solutions

One of the finest ways to build a multi-vendor online marketplace is with WordPress. Shopping has almost entirely moved to an online platform, especially with the COVID-19 epidemic, which is here to stay. Therefore, WordPress is an accessible, adaptable, and useful choice for companies looking to use an Amazon-like theme. This platform manages all essential tasks, including keeping track of vendors, payment methods, marketing the stores, handling security concerns, and more. Additionally, as it is a CMS platform by definition, building a multi-vendor site is considerably simpler. The fact that WordPress is compatible with strong plug-ins made specifically for this business model, like WooCommerce, is a bonus.

An all-inclusive e-commerce solution

Today, launching an internet business requires having a website that is optimised and completely functional. Without it, your company is practically destroyed before it even gets off the ground. And WordPress’ user-friendly website creator package aids with this move easily. WordPress’s user-friendly content management system is its key benefit. With this CMS, it was created as open-source software, specifically for the non-technical public. Consequently, it is extremely simple to keep an eye on a company that assists you in creating a unique website. There won’t be any confusing technical lingo in it. Despite not being specifically designed for eCommerce, It may be used to create business websites with the help of plug-ins. Additionally, there are more than 1,200 business-focused templates available.

Make a statement with improved SEO and high SERP rankings.

The SEO-friendly design of WordPress is one of its main benefits. The platform comes with a number of tools that encourage the use of optimised, keyword-rich content. This immediately earns you a number of Google bonus points, which will ultimately lead to a high Search Engine Results Page rank. This is an essential element that can make or break any enterprise. There are numerous plug-ins to improve the impact of SEO. To further improve SEO and increase organic traffic, one can also concentrate on additional measures like backlinking, content marketing plans, keyword research, video, and picture creation.

A One-Stop Shop for WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress is a DIY platform that allows you to build a website from from without assistance, but it takes time. Instead of spending time building a website while establishing a new business, one would want to concentrate on growing the firm. Here’s where we step in.
Dream Line Technology will put in a lot of effort and put in long hours for you and your company. To help your WordPress website succeed, we have a team of expert content writers, video editors, content and digital marketers, advertising analysts, and more. We will develop a website that meets your demands after receiving all necessary input on colour, font, theme, template, and web content.
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